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Oral Hygiene.

Let’s talk about oral hygiene

In order to have a beautiful smile, everybody needs to maintain their oral hygiene by brushing and cleaning their teeth. Many oral dental health care problems occur by having bad oral hygiene. It can be prevented by having good oral hygiene and healthy diet.

It’s very essential to have a regular inter-dental cleaning and brushing in order to maintain good oral hygiene, which will result in healthy gums and teeth. Brushing and flossing must be done after each and every meal.

Our services in all our dental practices are to maintain a good and healthy mouth care and oral hygiene. Our dentists can give you an essential advice on how to keep your mouth clean and to prevent it from dental plaque and dental caries formation.

The children oral hygiene and mouth care are considered very important in the Netherlands.

Therefore, the government of the Netherlands has launched a program to avoid dental caries in children aged 0-18. The program is called (Gewoon Gaaf) and is a prevention method specifically designed for the children. A recent research has shown that this caries prevention program is very effective and resulted in 70% fewer cavities in children in 2013.

In (Gewoon Gaaf) dental care program the dentist or dental hygienist gives the parents of the child an advice about their children mouth care, on how to maintain their children oral hygiene, how to brush teeth and how to avoid breaking them. Is the child taking care of his teeth? Is the child changing? Does the child have cavities after a while or doesn’t he? The dentist examines the child and checks his teeth periodically.


Usually, children like to brush their teeth in an early age, but in real life we see, that the children younger than 10 years old can’t clean their teeth properly, so it’s important that parents have to brush their children teeth at least twice a day. For different children target groups, the (Gewoon Gaaf) program has developed roadmaps to guide certain age groups.

The (Gewoon Gaaf) program starts from the moment of eruption of the first teeth and lasts from 6 to 12 months.

The stages of (Gewoon Gaaf) program for children are:


  • From age 0-4
  • From age 4-12
  • From age 12-18

The first category of the (Gewoon Gaaf) program is for children aged 0-4 years old and is consist of 3 steps :

Step 0 – is to call the parent of the child and to explain for them about the Gewoon Gaaf program from the first tooth removal (6-12 months) in the dental practice. In addition, determine which steps are required 1 or 2 with the child parents.

Step 1 – explain the caries process

Step 2 –  have an oral examination of the child’s mouth and score the plaque, caries and overall oral hygiene

Step 3 – is the follow-up process of the child dental hygiene

The dentist or dental hygienist will give all the advice for the children parents on how to prevent dental caries from an early age.

He helps your child to have a nice and healthy teeth and good mouth hygiene.

The second category of the (gewoon gaaf) program is for children aged 4-12 years old and is consist of 2 steps:

Step 0 –  explanation about the gewoon gaaf program

Step 1 –  this step refers to all the actions, which will take by the dental team which are:

  • Transfer of dental knowledge to the patient
  • Diagnostic and indication
  • Plaque score caries and caries risk score
  • Professional preventive measures
  • Self-care/parent exercise
  • Easily understandabale explanation of how to do it yourself

Step 3 – follow up of the gewoon gaaf program

The third category of the (Gewoon Gaaf) program is for children aged 12-18 years old and is consist of 3 steps :

Step 0 – explanation about the Gewoon Gaaf program

Step 1 – diagnostic and indication, plaque score, caries and caries risk score

Also, you can determine with your patient what is required from step 2 onwards.

Step 2 – this step refers to all the actions, which will be taken by the dental team:

  • Transfer of dental knowledge to the patient
  • Diagnostic and indication
  • Plaque score caries and caries risk score
  • Professional preventive measures
  • Self-care/parent exercise (Easily understandable explanation of how to do it yourself)

Step 3 – follow up of the (Gewoon Gaaf) program: this means that the patient has to follow the process of the (Gewoon Gaaf) program in order to avoid dental caries and dental plaque formation.

Elderly people dental care and oral hygiene in the Netherlands.


Old mouth healthy :

it’s a project which is considered very important in the Netherlands for elderly people, however, the study done in 2009 showed that oral care, oral hygiene and care provider’s knowledge and skills is not adequate for providing the oral health care.

Therefore, the Dutch association of Nursing homes has formulated oral health care guidelines for elderly people in long term care facilities. Therefore, the project is launched in nursing homes in the name of (Old mouth healthy). The project demands from all the dentists, dental care providers, dental assistants, the dental hygienists, who are willing to work voluntarily to provide a one-time training for nurses in nursing homes.

The nurses in nursing homes are going to receive training and sufficient knowledge about dental and oral health care, and they will be trained well to execute the correct actions. Because the mouth plays an important role in the health and quality of life, that is why it’s very important to consider this highly essential project.



The goal of the project is to achieve certain goals such as:

  • Role of the dentist and the dental care provider in a nursing home
  • Transferring the knowledge to oral health care providers
  • The vulnerability of an eldery people in regard to their oral hygiene
  • Teaching clinical lessons, training, supervise careers to oral care providers

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